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Music Producer @sadfaceime

Named after his impossible-to-categorize style and multi-faceted approach to the mic, Stylez Kriswell is easily the next best thing to hit the music industry.

Born and raised in Queens, New York, with part of his childhood spent in Kingston, Jamaica, Stylez Kriswell is an artist with a lot to say. Influenced by some of hip-hop’s most talented artists, he found a passion in music and uses it to tell a very real story, leaving a piece of himself on every track.

Stylez fell in love with hip-hop through the music of the 90s. The raw talent of Biggie, Tupac, Jay-Z, Nas, Mobb Deep and other talented lyricists of the decade, who spoke about real issues and real experiences, rooted hip-hop in the young artist’s life. When he was in high school, Stylez was inspired to start recording music by his best friends (now labelmates), Iaconiq and Eazy.

Stylez Kriswell is both a passionate artist and a strong businessman. During his time at the University of Maryland (where he graduated in May 2011), he developed a growing fan base in the Washington, DC metropolitan area and even expanded the roster of his label, N.A.Pocalypse Entertainment. It was at the university that Stylez met and drafted labelmates AJ Fatale, Cameron Michael and Prophecy.

To date, Stylez has released three mixtapes and multiple freestyles and special releases under N.A.Pocalypse Entertainment, including Love & Style (2011), a joint mixtape with singer/songwriter Cameron Michael. Stylez Kriswell made an appearance on MTV2’s Sucker Free Countdown in June 2011 when he was featured in the show’s Sucker Freestyle segment.